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Talk With Your Angels helps you navigate through human experiences with spiritual awareness

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Ruth and I started Talk With Your Angels so that I could share my gifts with others and help people on their journey through life. Over the years, my business has evolved from helping friends and family to offering spiritual wisdom and advice to a larger audience both locally in Geelong and further afield for people who live interstate and overseas. My services and workshops are filled with love making them extra special. I hope that by visiting this website you too can feel the universal love in yourself that is present in all of us.

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Everyday Crystals: Love

Love is an integral part of our lives. We experience love from the moment we are born, from our family, friends and partners. But no matter if you are looking to attract a special someone, want to nurture yourself, spread love to those around you or deepen your...

Everyday Crystals: Meditation

Over the past few years the benefits of meditation have truly come to the forefront. It can help boost your immune system, improve concentration and reduce anxiety. Though at its core, meditation is something much more simple. Psychology Today describes meditation as:...

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