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Talk With Your Angels helps you navigate through human experiences with spiritual awareness

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Ruth and I started Talk With Your Angels so that I could share my gifts with others and help people on their journey through life. Over the years, my business has evolved from helping friends and family to offering spiritual wisdom and advice to a larger audience both locally in Geelong and further afield for people who live interstate and overseas. My services and workshops are filled with love making them extra special. I hope that by visiting this website you too can feel the universal love in yourself that is present in all of us.

Latest Blog Posts

Everyday Crystals: At Home

Crystals can look amazing in any room of your home, and bring wonderful energy, but did you know you can use these energies to your advantage by using particular crystals in your home? Let’s have a look at which crystals are best used at home, where to put them, and...

Everyday Crystals: Care and Maintenance

There are some crystals that are more fragile and prone to breaking. Care needs to be taken with these. For example, you wouldn't carry desert rose with you in your pocket, or in a bag with other crystals. On the other hand, tumbled stones are more resistant to wear...

Everyday Crystals: The Basics

Welcome to our next blog series! In this series we will be looking at crystals and how to use them in your everyday life.  For this post we are going to look at the basics: how to choose your crystals, how to start using them and the best crystals to get you started....

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