Busy hectic crazy full on living and ticking boxes. Sound familiar?

Our lives can be so busy and hectic, and the truth is for most us our only driving force is to tick boxes, do checklists and care for those around us.  It is in these times of trying to catch our breath that we forget the moments of stillness for contemplation, rest, reflection and rejuvenating energy.

It is important to move, but it’s also important to pause. Having moments of stillness can be daunting for those who are routinely on the run, but silence helps to allow thoughts to rise and release. You need to give your body and your mind a chance to repair, to reflect.

I grew up in Uganda as a child.

The stillness for me was listening to nature, as everything has a song, whether it be a mountain, a tree or the grasses. We lived on the edge of a wildlife reserve, and you needed to listen to nature to be safe and to keep your mind still in the present moment without running ahead. This safety mechanism I still practice today.

My mother came looking for me one day, and I was in the Nile River, as I loved throwing stones at the hippos to see their teeth. When she found me, we walked back along the track, and my mother heard a noise in the grasses. She told me to run, as you never know what could come out, but me being my young self, stayed put where I was. As I stayed still, a lioness and her two cubs walked past me, another example of how I always test my angels and guides to the max to keep me safe.

So how can we implement stillness into our daily lives? I have four main tips for doing this.

  1. Sit under a tree, allow the energy of the grass beneath you and the tree above you to recharge your energy, it is a beautiful way to honor stillness.
  2. To navigate tricky situations, emotions and experiences with grace it helps to be calm. So while being still, take a deep slow and steady breath, and then slowly release your breath. If you do not make a moment to be still during these situations, you will possibly depress emotions into captured trauma, causing problems later.
  3. Sit and close your eyes, listening to the most distant sound you can hear. Then bring your hearing in closer to each sound in your proximity. Think about the noise; consider it. Then go to the next sound until you bring it right down to listening to your heartbeat, your breath, and your blood pumping. Take a moment to listen to your body operating for you.
  4. Take a moment to be still in a quiet place, maybe your bedroom or a seat outside.

When you sit down to relax, think about five things you like about yourself. What are they? Give gratitude to yourself for these attributes. Thank yourself for being these things.

I hope this blog helps you to acknowledge your accountability to be both active and still today.

You may not have a lioness approaching you in the grasses ahead, but always be mindful that stillness is a powerful tool to keep your mind shielded from negativity as any other physical distraction.

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