Crystals can look amazing in any room of your home, and bring wonderful energy, but did you know you can use these energies to your advantage by using particular crystals in your home? Let’s have a look at which crystals are best used at home, where to put them, and if you need inspiration, how to add them to your decor.

How does your home feel?

When we think about our home, it often draws to mind a feeling of warmth and comfort – not merely from how our home looks. But, much of the time we focus on how a space looks, rather than how it feels.

An example of this may be a room that looks amazing, but just feels heavy or makes you feel uncomfortable. If you have had this experience then you can understand that a home’s energy is about more than just looks. It has much to do with what has happened in that space and has not been cleared away – things like arguments, parties, stress grief. All of these leave an energetic imprint on your home and if you are not ridding the space of negative energy it will build up over time. By matching crystals to the right space in your home you can amplify the energies most needed and help remove others.

Before putting any crystals around your home, ensure you have cleansed the space. If it isn’t the crystal will only enhance the stagnant energy. Sage is an excellent way to cleanse a room, but use whatever is your preferred method.

What to use where?

Some crystals are allrounders such as amethyst – really you cannot go wrong putting this in any room of the house, but some have a special energy that lends to particular spaces. However, please note that if you are drawn to put a crystal in a particular spot in your home, go for it!

Entryway – or any door that leads outside

Many swear by black tourmaline to protect your home from negativity. Place some just outside your door to activate its protective energies. It can also resolve dark energy, prevent you bringing negative energies home with you and stops others sending negative energy your way.
If you have any concerns about putting crystals outside your front door, they can be placed in a pot plant or garden near the door.

Crystal expert Heather Askinosie has a handy hint for using black tourmaline. She gets each member of her family to put a piece of black tourmaline into their own bowl filled with equal parts salt and water. She then asks them to set their intention for protection onto their stone. By doing this when they come home they can connect with the energy of their own cleansed intention.

Pyrite or carnelian are also great to keep near your front door. These keep negativity out but invite positivity and abundance.

A crystal terrarium is an great way to bring crystals into your living spaces. Click on the image link to find out how to make your own! Image credit: Twinspiration

Living areas

Amethyst is a go-to for living areas. It is great for creating a relaxing and rejuvenating space. It also has a protective energy that brings light and abundance. Some also suggest selenite as it is uplifting and brings vibrancy.

Like amethyst, Apophyllite brings a sense of relaxation to your space. It brings people together emotionally and uplifts with love and light. It is also known to invite angels into your home.

As mentioned in this week’s crystal on Facebook and Instagram, Blue Chalcedony is a great crystal for the home, as it encourages calmness in the home, especially if there are fights in determining the pecking order amongst family members.


There’s nothing like Mum or Dad’s home cooking – and their secret ingredient? Love! Bring that love to your own kitchen by placing rose quartz in your kitchen, particularly on the windowsill.

Carnelian is another great crystal – its is energizing so will help keep you from ordering take away when you are home from a long day. It’s energy can also inspire creativity in the kitchen giving you the confidence to take risks and try new recipes.


The bedroom is a place to rest and recuperate after a long day. An energy cleanser such as selenite is excellent for a restful sleep.

Keep rose quartz near your bed for promoting the energy of love. Blue lace agate will bring clarity and calm stress. For partners, keep rose quartz and amethyst together on your bedside table to balance the yin and yang energy and deepen your connection.

A selenite mobile. Image credit: Urban Outfitters

Children’s room

Celestite is a great one to use in children’s rooms as it is calming and soothing. It also minimises chaos and brings in protective white light.

Blue lace agate is another excellent crystal to use in children’s rooms. It relieves stress and nervousness, and it also known to minimise bad dreams. Some experts also recommend smoky quartz to stabalise and absorb unwanted or overative vibes.

How do I decorate with crystals?

While having a huge statement crystal is amazing, not everyone has space, or you might be a bit shy about expressing your spiritual side in more public areas of the home.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate crystals into your home decor

  • Display your favourite crystals in a shadow box or glass box.
  • Make a crystal terrarium.
  • Make or buy a crystal wall hanging or mobile.
  • If you have potted plants, place a couple of crystals on the soil. Looks awesome if you already have some pebbles on there!
Image credit: Onechitecture

Next time:

Our next post in this series will be on how to use crystal energy in the workplace. Stay tuned for that one!


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