We spend so much of our week at work, but is it reflective of our energies and intentions or conducive to the type of work we want to do?

Depending on the industry you work in some of these tips may help you, but if you have any other suggestions we have missed feel free to leave them in the comments below.

If your workplace is open to crystals, spirituality etc, the only limit is your imagination…and the size of your desk! But if your workplace is less open or you don’t work at a desk, keep reading for some ideas on incorporating crystals into your workplace.

If you want to be subtle

Many of us work in an office, at the same desk everyday. Does this space reflect you energetically? If not here are a few ways to subtly bring crystals and positivity into your space.

  • Wear crystal jewellery
  • Keep tumbled stones in your handbag, pocket or in your bra.
  • Decorate your space with crystal carvings. They look beautiful and come in a variety of crystals.
  • Use crystals in conventional ways such as bookends or paperweights.
  • If you have a set of drawers, keep a small selection in there.
  • Invest in a crystal drink bottle. Brands such as Longemity, Aura Bottle Glacce and Miijo have options, or you can make your own version at home.
  • If you have a plant on your desk, place a couple of crystals in there, or use crystal chips as a derotation on the soil.
  • Place inspirational pictures and words at your desk to remind you of your intention and the positivity you want to bring.
  • If appropriate, use stationary that inspires you.
  • Don’t forget to cleanse your space regularly. While most workplaces may not be open to smudging and incense, using selenite is an excellent cleanser.
If only we could all find our zen place at work!

If you work at a hot desk or travel

There is a move in some places towards hot desks, or you might be a contractor or travel constantly for work.

  • Wear crystal jewellery
  • Use a crystal drink bottle
  • Keep an organza bag of crystals in your handbag, backpack, pocket or in your bra.
  • Make a screensaver slideshow or background on your computer of inspirations quotes and images.
  • Use stationary that inspires you.

If you are on your feet

Some industries do not have a desk or are constantly moving – think nurses, chefs and the like. This makes being around crystals a little trickier, but here are a few options:

  • Wear crystal jewellery if appropriate for your industry
  • Pop an organza bag of crystals in your pocket or down your bra.
  • Use a crystal drink bottle.
  • Keep some crystals in your bag or car so you can connect with them on the way to and from work.

If you are studying

Many of the above will be of great help for you, especially if your desk is in your room or at home.

If you are looking for inspirational stationery, look no further than Educationery by Jess. These definitely help to keep me motivated!

Best crystals for the workplace

There are many more crystals that you can use in the workplace to inspire positivity and success. Remember, if you are drawn to a crystal to use at work, or in any other way – do it! There is no right or wrong answer, just trust your intuition.

Worried about EMFs?

As many of us work with technology on a daily basis, Energy Muse suggests the combination or shungite and black tourmaline to reduce the EMFs transmitted to you. Black tourmaline is will protect from EMFs and negative energy. Shungite is a relatively new discovery, but is said to absorb EMFs and raise your energy.

Looking for recognition and promotion?

Blue lapis lazuli is a crystal that encourages you to aim high, and is excellent if you are striving for recognition in your field. It also invites promotion and success.

Turquoise is another crystal encourages you to aim high. It is also helpful if you need to relocate for work, or have travel associated with your career.

Herkimer diamond is another great crystal that will help get you noticed in a positive way and will bring prosperity through your own high achievement.

Citrine is the stone of success! It helps attract more joy and aids in finding your path. It is also a great stone for inviting prosperity.

If you are not known for speaking up or want to improve your leadership skills, green aventurine is the stone for you. Keep one near you to boost your leadership skills or face any situations as work with confidence.

Need to focus?

Tiger’s Eye is excellent to help keep you focused and eliminates a scattered brain.

Hematite is another crystal that will improve concentration – it is known as the stone of the mind!

Green tourmaline is a great one to keep at your desk – it is especially useful if you are studying.

If you have any other suggestion on how you use crystals in your workplace, leave a comment below!