There are some crystals that are more fragile and prone to breaking. Care needs to be taken with these. For example, you wouldn’t carry desert rose with you in your pocket, or in a bag with other crystals. On the other hand, tumbled stones are more resistant to wear and can be kept together with other crystals in a bag, or easily carried on your person

For larger or more delicate pieces, find the right place to put them in your home so you can see them and feel their energies!

Before we go on it is important to note that each crystal is different and has a different energy. By tuning into the crystal you will know the best way to care for it. Also, if you already have a way to care for your crystals that is working for you, keep going! You know what works for you and your crystals.

Cleansing Your Crystals

You might have a couple of crystals in your collection – or many more! Nevertheless, it is good to cleanse and re-energise your crystals from time to time.

Cleansing your crystals is important, especially if you use them to negate negativity or if you take them out with you. It is also a great thing to do when you receive a new crystal.


Make sure the cleansing method you choose is right for your crystal. Some, such as desert rose and selenite can be severely damaged by water. Others may have chemicals within them that become problematic when in water if ingested (particularly important to note if making an elixir or crystal-infused water).

Ways To Cleanse & Energise Your Crystals


The simple act of putting your crystal in water is an easy way to cleans your crystal. You can either put your embedding under running water or immerse it in salt water.

While most crystals are embedding to be placed in water, please take caution and ensure that they can be placed in water. Some crystals such as selenite are water soluble!


Salt water is a great cleanser, especially if you have a crystal you feel is quite negative. Sea water is great, but if you cannot obtain any water mixed with salt also works – just remember to be generous with the salt!

Salt is excellent for cleansing crystals, but as with other methods on our list, it can damage some crystals. Opal is especially prone to damage from salt. However, you can still use salt energy as a cleansing method! by putting a crystal in a glass dish then embedding the bottom of the dish in rock salt, you get the benefit of the cleaning, without the risk of damage. Leave for a day or so for best results.

Using salt energy to cleanse.
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Putting crystals out in sunlight is great for ones that have sunny energy, such as sunstone and citrine.

Note, crystals such as rose quartz and amethyst will fade in sunlight, so this is not the best option for them.


Using a ‘smudge stick’ is another way to cleanse your crystals. Simply light it and allow the crystal to sit in the smoke or pass the crystal through the smoke.

This is a great method for larger crystals, or if cleansing multiple crystals at once.


Cleansing and recharging your crystals by moonlight is common, and generally safe for your crystals. You can place them on your windowsill or out in your garden to re-energise. For extra oomph place the crystals out under a full moon.

Large Stone

Keeping crystals near a large piece of will allow negativity to be mitigated and cleanse those around it. Amethyst or quartz clusters are commonly used for this purpose.


Sound is another way to cleanse and energise your crystals. Alexis from Alektrik sums it up nicely:

“By generating a high amplitude sound and placing your crystals in the near vicinity, you are retuning the crystals back to their base resonant frequency and emitting any stored or unwanted energy. The sound does not need to be high frequency (or high pitched), it only needs to be loud (high amplitude). Some use tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, tingshas and other tools. The sound you use can also be your favorite song, a meditation track, or simply a key or single tone.”

“Cleansing” Your Crystals – link HERE

It is also a common practice to cleanse the area with your preferred method after cleansing with sound.

Using a singing bowl is way to use sound to cleanse and energise your crystals.

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