Welcome to our next blog series! In this series we will be looking at crystals and how to use them in your everyday life. 

For this post we are going to look at the basics: how to choose your crystals, how to start using them and the best crystals to get you started.

First things first – do you already have crystals in your home? Perhaps you have diamond or turquoise in jewellery for example. Any crystals like these are especially important as they already have your energy!

Do you already own some crystals?

How Do I Choose A Crystal?

When you are ready to expand your collection it is time to find the right place! You can find crystals online, in specialty stores, even in places like the Australian Geographic store. If you want to really feel the energy of the crystal and find the right one for you, heading to a store is the best bet.

Choosing a crystal (or the crystal choosing you!) is a personal thing and you will know which ones are right for you, but here are some dos and don’ts when purchasing.

  • DO take your time: does it feel good in your hand? Does it feel comfortable?
  • DO trust your intuition
  • DON’T be swayed by crystals just because they are large and glittery
  • DON’T feel that you need to buy everything at once (this is hard!)

If you do want to shop online. some of my favourite online store include: 

What Types of Crystals Are There?

  • Raw crystals: crystals in their natural state.
  • Points & wands: Some are naturally occurring, some are machine made – be sure to check! Some believe that the naturally occurrinf ones are more powerful. Nevertheless, these are excellent healing stones.
  • Clusters & geodes: powerful energy generators
  • Tumbled: these stones have been polished. They are small and great for laying on the body or carrying with you. Tumbled crystals are also generally more affordable.
  • Slices: shows the inner beauty of a crystal.
Tumbled crystals are a great starting point.

How Do I Start Using Crystals?

Here are a few ideas to help you get started using crystals:

  • Carry them with you (in your pocket, handbag etc) If carrying a few a small organza bag is helpful.
  • Wear crystal jewellery.
  • Keep them near your bed, desk, wherever you want to feel their energies.
  • Hold a crystal while meditating.
  • Use them to decorate your home.

Basic toolkit

When starting a crystal collection, it can be good to start with easily found and affordable crystals, but remember to always choose a crystal that makes your heart sing. These are just suggestions.

There are a few crystals are great if you are just beggining your collection:


Good for mediation. Promotes harmony, wisdom and connection to spirit.

Clear Quartz:

Great for focusing, can stand in for other crystals.

Rose Quartz:

For self-healing and love.


Next Time…

Stay tuned for the next post in this series where we will look at the care and maintainance of your crystals.