Most of us have a fix for any travel nerves, but sometimes we need a bit more of a boost. This is where crystals can come in handy. They can bring good vibes, keep you grounded and open you up to new experiences.

While it may seem a bit strange to carry crystals with you on a trip, their positive, protective and calming energies can make your holidays even better; not to mention helping to negate the crazy energies you may encounter from other travellers!

The most common crystals for travel are Amethyst, Labradorite, Malachite, Moonstone, Rhodonite and Shungite, but feel free to make up your own kit based on what speaks to you. There are many more travel related crystals that we couldn’t include on this list!

Before you go…

Chalkboard Mag advised to cleanse and program your crystals before travel. By programming the crystals and setting your intention they will have an extra boost for your time away.

Crystals for Travel


According to Origin Stones, Amethyst can also enhance personal flexibuility and inspire cooperation – definitely helpful if travelling with others! It is also a great protective stone and stress reliever. Amethyst inspires you to enjoy your adventure knowing that you are protected.


This is a great crystal for ocean travel. It’s calming presence is also beneficial to calm any nerves.

Black Tourmaline

An excellent protective stone! According to Origin Stones it will help protect you from all the crazy energies you encounter from other travellers.


If you are an anxious person travelling can exacerbate it. Using some crystals in complement with tips like those from Verywell Mind. Howlite is a good option as it can help calm an anxious mind and relieve tension.


This is a great crystal to use to avoid illness while travelling.


Is a destiny stone, guide you to your most fulfilling path on journey


Malachite is known as a guardian stone, just make sure to cleanse often as absorbs lots of energy. This is a great stone for air travel. It helps remove the fear of flying and protects you when travelling by air. It is also a helpful stone for those who travel for business by promoting smooth travel.


This is an alrounder for travel! In Folklore this crystal is known as the traveler’s stone. It is believed to ward off jetlag and help with your sleep schedule. Connect with this stone if you are feeling homesick as it has a comforitng energy.Energy Muse advises to keep a piece in your luggage to prevent it getting lost.


This stone balances emotions and nurtures love on romantic holidays. Rhodontie is also helpful if you are in an unfamiliar place or travelling with others. It allows you to see the other side and how your actions may be percieved by others, whether that be locals or your travel compantions.


Shungite keeps your root chakra in balance when going through airport or exploring a new place. It is also a stone that can help neutralise the electromagnetic energy from airport security scanners.

Smoky quartz

This is a great stone for general protection. Smoky quartz also promotes cooperation, alertness and is good for road travel.

Yellow Jasper

Origin Stones calls this the travelers assistant stone. It helps you stay grounded and protected while the world is moving by. It’s also a great stone to help if you have motion sickness.

Do you take crystals with you when you travel? Want to give it a try? Let us know in the comments!