Psychic Medium Reading: 30 minutes


30 minute Psychic Medium reading



I have been a Psychic Medium for many years and often describe myself as channel for universal energies. Mediums are able to tune into both the “aura” or “energy fields” of the person they are reading for as well as the auras or energy fields other spirits who are either living or passed on.

When channelling I will often see or hear a spirit who wishes to pass on their message. The universe is an amphitheatre where people gather to see who is trying to connect. It takes a lot of energy for deceased loved ones to communicate and some are not always ready to connect and sometimes others who aren’t expected may choose to come though.

Come with an open and clear mind as coming with fear may cause connections to shut down. Bring a list of questions you would like to ask and feel free to ask me anything that pops up during the session.


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