The Seven Rays of Light: Spiritual Development Course


Uncover your life’s soul lessons by integrating the seven rays of light.



The Seven Rays represent the 7 energies that vibrate within all of us and connect us as one.  Each of the seven rays represents a unique lesson or spiritual path our soul must undertake during our time on earth. Integrating your seven rays is a powerful way of helping you obtain greater spiritual awareness which in turn will help you better understand your own unique life path. Ruth has devised a course specifically for people who are ready to take their spiritual practice to the next level by teaching you how to integrate each of your seven rays.

Included in the package:

  • 7 One-on-one mentoring sessions (45 min each) that will identify and work on the unique spiritual lesson associated with each on of your seven rays
  • Detailed information and homework for self practice on each of the seven rays
  • 7 Chakra Balancing sessions to help integrate the work you have been doing
  • 7 unique crystals to complement each ray
  • 7 Essential Oil sprays related to each of the rays
  • Weekly phone support (1 x 15 minute session per a week)
  • No time restraints so you can learn at your own pace