As part of my bodily maintenance, I visit our sister clinic Holistic Osteopathy. They have recently welcomed Jewel Finnigan to their team, and I thought what better time to talk about my experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about Osteopathy and my experience, keep on reading!

What is Osteopathy?

The philosophy of Osteopathy is one where the body is viewed as a whole, rather than individual parts. These functions relate to or are reflective of each other and may be unbalanced. Osteopathic treatments aim to re-align and restore balance that may have been upset by illness or injury.

Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment to keep you mobile and balanced. Your practitioner may suggest exercises to help maintain this balance or stretches to help prevent injury.

Cranial Osteopathy

Holistic Osteopathy also offers Cranial Osteopathy, a gentle alternative to a standard session.

Cranial osteopaths treat more than just your head; we treat your whole body. Light pressure is applied to different areas of your body to encourage the release of strain or tension in your muscles, joints and bones. Treatments aim to be as gentle as possible by supporting the health that is already present and helping your body to recover from injuries and illnesses that may have affected your body’s overall balance. The treatment is usually very relaxing with some patients even falling asleep.

Holistic Osteopathy

This type of Osteopathy is non-invasive, non-manipulative and very gentle. My grandson Thomas has been seeing Faye since he was one week old! We also take him within the few days after his vaccinations to help alleviate any stressors he may have. My business partner and daughter Sarah also enjoyed this style of Osteopathy in the months following Thomas’ birth.

Image credit: Holistic Osteopathy

My Experience

I visit the clinic on a monthly basis, sometimes more, depending on how my energy is flowing. If a block presents itself e.g pain in my troublesome left leg, I know I need to see a specialised professional as it is a block I cannot move without help.

By visiting regularly I can ensure that any issues my body has do not get worse. Maintenance is key!

I am of the belief that keeping our bodies balanced and flowing freely is like servicing a high-performance car. You wouldn’t abuse your car and you would make sure you serviced it regulary. But we tend not to treat our bodies in the same way. They are a magnificent machine so let’s treat it with the greatest respect by keeping it maintained and it will service us the best way it can

Special Offer

To celebrate Jewel joining the team at Holistic Osteopathy, they are offering $20 off your first osteopathic visit for a limited time with her at either their Geelong or Ocean Grove locations.

To take advantage of our special introductory offer of $20 off your first appointment with Jewel you can call the clinic on 5200 1044 or book in online at

This offer is only available to new patients booking in with Jewel Finnigan and who have not previously seen Jewel at either clinic location. Limited to one offer per a patient. Appointment includes a thorough medical history and assessment.