Ruth offers a number of different services including Spiritual Guidance, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Aura Healing, Past Life Readings and Crystal Cleansing.  These one-on-one sessions are great for obtaining clarity and guidance in your personal life and can be conducted either in person or over the phone.

Ruth also runs regular workshops on various topics relating to spirituality which can be found on her Workshop Page.

Spiritual Guidance Session

Did you know that there have been people guiding and protecting you your whole life? These are your angels and guides and their job is to help you whenever you need it.  I will introduce you to these beings and teach you how to identify blockages in your life and work with the Universe to help make your life easy.

Depending on your individual needs, each session will include information on how to use affirmations in your daily life, learning to heal yourself, past life readings, information about your current state of health and ways to connect with your soul.

Spiritual guidance sessions are good for people feeling lost or out of balance or looking for a change of direction in life.

Spiritual guidance sessions are 1 hour.

Price: $120

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Did you know that the Chakras are our body’s main energy centres? By keeping our Chakras clear and balanced we can enjoy boundless amounts of energy and an abundance of health. When the Chakras are blocked or out of balance for a long time it may lead to dis-ease and illness.

In particular our base and sacral chakras need regular maintenance as these are used every day due to relationship issues and emotional fear. Having our chakras cleared and balanced using a pendulum and crystals on a regular basis can help us feel free and healthy again.If you are feeling tired, down or out of balance (physically, emotionally or mentally), then it may be a sign that your chakras are needing to be cleared and re-balanced.

If you are feeling tired, down or out of balance (physically, emotionally or mentally), then it may be a sign that your chakras are needing to be cleared and re-balanced.

On average most people benefit from a re-balance every 3-6 weeks.

Chakra Balancing and Clearing sessions are 30 minutes.

Price: $60

Aura Healing

Aura’s are protective energy fields that surround our body and prevent negative energies from reaching our physical body. They act as a life-force for us, providing a connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Our auras are high frequency energies that are connected to our higher selves. Sometimes when we encounter energies of a lower frequency, our auras can become punctured or damaged. When this happens, the negative energies are able to penetrate into our physical body, manifesting as a physical ailment.

I will repair your auras, releasing any negative energies that may be trapped inside. You can look at aura healing a bit like a spring cleanse – something that is good to do every 3 – 6 months to prepare yourself for the season ahead.

Aura Healing sessions are 30 minutes.

Price: $60

Past Life Reading

Sometimes lessons that haven’t been learnt from previous lives are brought through to your current life. We have all lived many lives before our current one and often there is a lot of baggage. Past life readings help you work through what you need to let go of from the past it no longer serves you.

Many people aren’t aware that not being able to move forward in certain circumstances is often related to fear that has been carried over form a past life. This session will help you identify and work through the factors that are preventing you from moving forward in this life.

A past life reading may be of benefit to you if you find yourself having the re-occurring dreams or emotions attached to situations that seem repeat themselves over and over again.

Past Life Reading sessions are 30 minutes.

Price: $60

Crystal Cleansing

Crystals are living entities that are part of the earth just as we are. They have amazing healing powers when held by the recipient or via an experienced healer who acts as a conduit.

Crystals are great for removing old patterns that no longer serve us, cleansing our energy centres and helping us connect with our higher selves. Clearing old energies creates space for new energies to move in so that we can evolve as spiritual beings.

Spirit guides me to the crystals that each individual requires and therefore no two sessions are ever the same. When you’re feeling lost in life or needing a new direction a Crystal Cleansing every 3-6 months may be the answer.

Crystal Cleansing sessions are 30 minutes.

Price: $60

Medium Readings

I have been a medium for many years and often describe myself as channel for universal energies. Psychic mediums are able to tune into both the “aura” or “energy fields” of the person they are reading for as well as the auras or energy fields other spirits who are either living or passed on.

When channelling I will often see or hear a spirit who wishes to pass on their message. The universe is an amphitheatre where people gather to see who is trying to connect. It takes a lot of energy for deceased loved ones to communicate and some are not always ready to connect and sometimes others who aren’t expected may choose to come though.

Come with an open and clear mind as coming with fear may cause connections to shut down. Bring a list of questions you would like to ask and feel free to ask me anything that pops up during the session.

Medium readings are offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Price: $60 for 30 minutes $120 for 60 minutes

Reconnecting to Mother Earth Healing

In this healing, you will awaken your awareness and connection to Mother Earth. This will ground you through your Base Chakra and feed your soul.


By sending red healing energy to Mother Earth through your Base Chakra, you will feel more connected, gain confidence and encouragement in your journey. It will also increase your female energy, to balance your yin and yang.

As we are getting ready for the Golden Age of Aquarius, the energies of Mother Earth and Father Sun are going to meet in the middle. With the red energy of Mother Earth meeting the white energy of Father Sun, it mixes together to form a beautiful pink – the colour of divine universal love.

This healing is done by Ruth placing her hands on your shoulders and allowing the divine energy to flow into you, and into the Earth. This will ground you into the beautiful energies of your Earth Star Chakra.

You will also choose a palm crystal that you will use in the session and will be yours to take home. 

Price: $120 for 30 minutes